• Are your swimsuits good quality?
    • Yes! We work with some of the best to ensure the best quality for our customers!
  • What do you offer Brand Ambassadors and Influencers?
    • Depending on the position, we offer our affiliates free swimsuits, lifetime discounts and access to exclusive suits year-round.
  • Are your swimsuits true to size?
    • While they are made true to size, we would always recommend ordering a size up if you're not sure! We have sizing charts on nearly every item in store for your convinence!
  • How long does shipping take?
    • Please see our Shipping/Tracking page found in the footer of our site for ship times and tracking bar!
    • Is your website secure?
      • Yes, our website is 100% secure, check the lock in the URL box!
    • Why is there a shipping charge on Free Items?
      • We discount this collection of items to $0 from $30-60 retail so that our ambassadors & models can try out our products. All we ask is that you cover the cost of worldwide shipping!